Raindrop Series

A dramatic evocation of rain and An illusion of underwater illumination

Aurelius Collection

A dramatic play of light and a softly diffused glow

Customized Services

With a full-fledged design wing and a production wing, we are able to offer fully customized service and present our clients with various lighting products. Show us your needs, and a professional designer from our team will be designated timely to your assistance.

From our customers


I highly recommend this. Not only the product is good, but also the customer service is timely. The chandelier decorated my home very beautifully

Kristopher Mannen
Great price!And so good customer service

I always believe that you can still get quality and a great product without paying ridiculous prices like RH .. literally impossible to tell the difference. Fast deliver less than 30 days and customer service very polite and professional. Real talk. This is not a bot or fake review ill post pics when it's installed later oh and packaged well.

Third Hawkins

The light fixture is gorgeous and was just installed yesterday. Thank you for your great service and communication!

James Kelnhofer

Beautiful chandelier, great price. Problem with instructions

Jacob Anderson
Gorgeous, well-made item; bad instructions.

This chandelier is just beautiful. My husband and I thought that it wouldn’t be big enough since we have tall ceilings but when we put it together it just looked great. For the price that we paid it looks amazing.
We finally got it installed (a bit heavy for sure) and it’s just mesmerizing. Love it.

Nunnally Benjamin
Great quality and value