Wall Sconce

78 products

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    78 products
    Balle Crystal Grand Double Sconce
    Raindrop Wall Sconce Rod
    Brach 14-light Sconce
    Beckman Sconce 28''
    Cannel Candlestick Linear Sconce
    Lambert Hexagonal Grand Sconce
    Balle Crystal Sconce
    Eleanor Torch Sconce
    Balle Crystal Grand Sconce
    Eleanor Grand Sconce
    Lambert Hexagonal Grand Linear Sconce
    Lambert Hexagonal Sconce
    Lambert Hexagonal Linear Sconce
    Lambert Knurled Linear Sconce
    Lambert Knurled Grand Linear Sconce
    Lambert Knurled Sconce
    Lambert Knurled Grand Sconce
    Brach Sconce
    Brach Linear Sconce
    Brach 18-light Sconce
    Beckman Sconce 21''
    Machinist Sconce
    Robeson Sconce
    Beckman Sconce 18''
    Raindrop Wall Sconce Cord
    Leonardo LED Picture Light
    Eleanor Slender Torch Wall Sconce
    Modern Cascade Glass Brass Wall Sconce
    Eleanor Tubular Wall Sconce
    Maso Classic Crystal Cup Wall Sconce
    Bossy Industrial Wind Metal Tubes Wall Sconce
    Tor Grand Goblet Wall Sconce
    Dav Red Wine Glass Wall Sconce
    Alena White Glass Wall Sconce
    Alena Double White Glass Wall Sconce
    Niche Kaleidoscope Wall Sconce
    Niche Kaleidoscope Double Wall Sconce
    Costain Double Shade Wall Sconce
    Chapiteau Crystal Wall Sconce
    Mingo Crystal Pendant Shade Wall Sconce